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Air Conditioning & Ventilation

Air Conditioning is not just a luxury, it is essential in the San Fernando Valley and greater Los Angeles area during the summertime. At Reseda Automotive we utilize state-of-the-art equipment to ensure that your air conditioning and ventilation system are working at their full potential. Our certified technicians have over 80 years of combined experience which we utilize to provide you the best in quality repair and service.

We can also treat the air quality in your car. Over time, mold, mildew and bacteria can grow inside the A/C ducts. This can lead to uncomfortable allergies and other bad reactions to the air.

There is a special process that can be performed to get rid of the bacteria so that you can breathe healthier, cleaner air, while you and your family are inside the car. Give us a call or schedule an appointment to find out more about our air conditioning and ventilation services.

Air conditioning systems are comprised of several key parts. If one part is damaged or broken, it can cause the whole system to fail.

Common causes for a broken A/C unit include:

  • Loose/broken drive belt (which powers the compressor)
  • Slipping compressor clutch
  • Clogged parts
  • Blown fuse
  • Leaking hoses or parts
  • Low refrigerant charge

On a hot summer day, nothing is worse than a long drive in a car without a properly functioning air conditioning system. Without regular upkeep, your car’s A/C can lose approximately 5% of its refrigerant each year.

Air conditioning systems are complex

Air conditioning systems consist of many components that must work together. After turning on your A/C, the following occurs:

  1. The compressor, powered by the engine, pumps refrigerant vapor into the condenser under high heat and pressure.

  2. The condenser collects air flowing through the grille of the car to remove the heat from the refrigerant and turn it into a liquid state.
  3. The refrigerant goes to the receiver-dryer where it is stored. The dryer also removes the moisture from the refrigerant.
  4. When the refrigerant moves to the evaporator, it collects heat in the air, cooling the interior of the car. Fans help distribute the air throughout the car.
  5. When the refrigerant vapor has collected heat and dropped in pressure, it is drawn back into the compressor to be used again.

While some car repair centers will simply add more refrigerant to your car to give you a short-term fix, we’ll perform a full system performance test.

We’ll check all your A/C components for leaks or pressure problems. Our technicians are very knowledgeable and experienced with air conditioning systems of all types. We’ll be happy to provide you with some helpful tips to keep your A/C running smoothly.