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Excellence in Automotive Service Since 1981

Domestic Cars

American Cars Auto Repair in Encino and Woodland Hills, cASince 1981, we have been servicing and repairing every model and make of American cars, included but not limited to those in the:

  1. Chrysler Group
  2. Ford Motor Company
  3. General Motors

We pride ourselves in servicing all types of vehicles, and providing unparalleled expertise, experience, and equipment which allows us to deliver the highest quality auto repair and maintenance services to our customers.

We have worked diligently over the past 30 years to achieve our outstanding reputation for detailed and thorough services of Domestic Cars.

Pickup Truck Repair Specialists in Reseda Encino woodland hills, caSome of the services we offer for Domestic cars include:

  • Replace and service brake pads
  • ABS diagnostics
  • Air Conditioning Service
  • Alternators
  • Checking and replacement of batteries
  • Belts repairing and maintenance
  • Suspension, CV boots & joints
  • Oil change (including lube and filters)
  • Resolving problems of rack & pinion
  • Radiator flush
  • Tire installation/rotation
  • Tune ups, shocks & struts
  • Universal joints and wheel balancing
  • And more

Contact us anytime to get further details about the services that we offer, or email us to get the answers to any questions you that may have.