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New Customer FAQs

Do you offer same day service?

Yes, we do! In fact this is a high priority with our company. Occasionally there are factors outside of our control, though, we cannot guarantee it. We certainly understand how inconvenient it can be to have no car for the day, and even worse if it’s more than a day. We have structured our internal systems to make sure that whenever possible, we get your car back to you the same day.

Can I wait for my car?

Yes, we have a comfortable waiting area just for this purpose. There are many of our maintenance services that you can wait for. It is important though that you have an appointment so we can make sure your waiting time is minimized.

You can wait for:

  • Oil Changes
  • Smog Check
  • Fluid Exchanges
  • Numerous maintenance services

Do you have a shuttle service?

Yes, we do. We know how inconvenient it is to bring your car in for repair and our shuttle service makes it much easier. All you have to do is come in for your appointment and our shuttle driver will drive you back to your home or to the office. Of course, we have a limited coverage area for our shuttle service. So, please ask your service advisor for the full details.

Are you Smog Check Certified?

Yes, we are. We are a State of California Licensed Smog, Brake and Light Inspection Station.

Which brands of cars do you service?

Generally speaking, we service almost all foreign and domestic vehicles. We also service classic cars, diesel engine vehicles, electric, and hybrid cars.

What are your qualifications?

Reseda Automotive Centre is one of the most well-qualified auto repair shops in the San Fernando Valley. We are dedicated to employing the finest qualified service technicians with at least ASE Certifications. Two of our Service Technicians are ASE Master Technicians.

Additionally, our technicians’ scope of experience spans many decades. The bottom line is: We have the training, the experience and the certifications you need when you demand a quality, reliable repair.

Do you explain my options in clear language?

One of the most common compliments we get from our customers is how we take the time to explain things. In fact, this is extremely important to us. We believe we are partners with you in making your car reliable, affordable and long-lasting. This can only be done through quality communication.

We do take the time to explain the problems your car is having. We’ll tell you what we believe is the cause and present your options clearly so you can choose which route is best for your situation.