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Transmission Service & Repair

Automatic Transmission Service and Repair in Reseda, CAProper transmission maintenance of your vehicle

Major transmission repairs can be costly, so having regular transmission maintenance services performed on your vehicle is a necessary preventive measure. The frequency of transmission maintenance is based on the manufacturer’s recommendations. Consistent and proper maintenance will ensure your vehicle’s longevity and prevent the high costs of major repairs.

Your vehicle needs to maintain a regulated operating temperature in order to protect its inner components. Transmission fluid is used to keep the transmission cool, as well as to lubricate working parts. Quality transmission fluid will help lessen potentially harmful heat within the transmission and improve its longevity and performance. Over time, the fluids lose their viscosity and ability to protect the transmission efficiently. The replacement and flushing of this fluid at specific intervals is crucial in keeping the transmission functioning properly.

Reseda Automotive is an authorized BG service center and we use all of their products for Maintenance/Flush Services. Simply, we believe their products are the best.

Common issues with transmissions

If you are noticing shifting problems with your vehicle it is best to bring the car in for an inspection. Overheating of the transmission fluid can cause premature failure of the entire transmission. Flushing the entire transmission and adding the proper additives can be the difference between a short-lived transmission and a long lasting reliable transmission.

Some common issues which are easy to fix:

  • Transmission Fluid Leaks / Low Fluid Level
  • Vacuum Lines that have come out or are loose
  • Linkages and/or cables that have come loose or out of adjustment
  • Bad Solenoid
  • Problems with your car’s computer: Sensor defects
  • Burnt Fluid